Laura Mentor PSPL

Hi, I’m Suzanne Fernandez Gray.

I’m an independent arts consultant with over 18 years experience in arts management, public relations and government.

Formerly a senior manager at the Kentucky Arts Council, I’ve worked with communities, businesses and organizations to develop and implement arts programs and strategies that make the best use of their cultural and economic assets.

I have also had the pleasure to be a key advisor on several major public art projects throughout the state, including Abraham Lincoln sculptures in Springfield and Hodgenville, Ky. Active in my community, I am President of the Franklin County Arts Council, an arts organization, and have worked on several successful local arts projects.

In addition to my arts experience, I served as a legislative aide in Washington, D.C. and as an international relations specialist in Texas state government.

This unique blend of experience brings both the skills and vision to assist clients in strategic planning, marketing and promotions, organizational development, advocacy, event planning, program development and public art.

If you’d like more information about how we can work together, contact me here.


Photo credits:
Detail of stained glass window by Laura Mentor at the Paul Sawyier Public Library, Frankfort, KY.